13 May


By / Troy Said

5 signs it’s time to move your business

Do you find yourself tripping over boxes trying to find work files? Are you embarrassed meeting clients at your place of work? Perhaps your business is simply located in an unsuitable area. Whatever the case may be, it is common for businesses to outgrow the spaces they are in. Size, layout, and location all play important roles in the success of a business.  If you’re looking for a new business base and need interstate removalists, Melbourne call Interstate Removals today. Here are our 5 tell-tale signs it is time to upgrade or move your company:

First appearances really do matter. Clients, business associates, and potential employees will judge you based on the appearance of your office, store, or warehouse. A tidy, professional space is much more appealing than a cluttered mess.

Safety issues
An obvious sign that your workplace is overcrowded is that safety has become a major issue. If you notice that employees or clients are bumping into things or each other, it is definitely time to think about moving somewhere more spacious. Injury in the workplace is both traumatic and costly.

Location matters
If your business is in the middle of nowhere, people are less likely to ‘drop in’. This is particularly important for hospitality businesses. Likewise, if your profession or industry is one that clusters into certain areas, it is often beneficial to be close to a cluster. If your business services customers all over the country, it might make sense to move some of your operations interstate. This will cut long-term shipping and transportation costs.

Unhappy staff
If you are growing your business, you may be tempted to pack new employees into your existing space. This is never a smart idea. If your business workspace is overcrowded your staff will become unhappy and uncomfortable, which will lead to conflict and a decrease in productivity. Happy staff are productive staff.

Time for an upgrade
Your business has outgrown your current location. You may be losing business to other companies who are in better areas, or more professional work-spaces. If your business has outgrown its space, it is time to look around for something that might be a better fit.

Moving your business is a big decision, but can be an extremely beneficial one. If you’re looking for interstate removalists, Melbourne, look no further. Call Interstate Removals today on 1300 299 969 and let us help your business grow!


Troy Said

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