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“It’s been swell Sydney, but we’re moving interstate!”

Ask any Sydneysider what makes the NSW capital Australia’s most populous city and they’ll give you a list as long as Bondi Beach and as colourful as Sydney’s New Year’s festivities. We can’t think why anybody would want to leave one of Australia’s most cosmopolitan and culturally rich cities to move interstate, but sometimes duty calls…

Perhaps you’ve just landed a new job in sunny Brisbane, or you’re moving south to Melbourne to be closer to the family – don’t forget to pack your umbrella! Whatever your reason for moving interstate, it’s in the best interests of your family, your furniture and your furry friends to make the move as seamless as possible: factors such as convenience, expense, timing and preparation will all determine the ease of your interstate relocation.

If just the thought of packing boxes gives you high blood pressure, you should probably call in the removalist experts: when you’ve got a toothache you call a dentist when your engine fails you call a mechanic when you need to move interstate, you call us. Moving house can be an overwhelming experience if you don’t know where to start. We suggest starting with selecting a reliable, experienced and professional removalist company, like Interstate Removals. We’ll personally assign you a member of our professional contractor list and ensure you’re satisfied with the service every step of the way. We’ll even organise your insurance and deliver packing supplies to your front door.

Interstate Removals take the time and indecision out of moving home. We understand there’s more to moving house than just the mental strain; there’s a financial factor as well. That’s why at Interstate Removals we’re one of the few companies in Australia to offer to backload. This cost-effective and time-efficient service involves utilising free space on transport already in use to move your furniture and packing boxes. Not only will you save a few dollars, you’ll also reduce the environmental impact by using existing carriers already in transit. Fewer freight trucks on the road mean fewer carbon emissions and a more environmentally friendly alternative for moving home…everybody wins!

Our guess is you’re probably going to be exhausted after packing your life into cardboard boxes and cleaning every blade of the Venetian blinds in your home or rental – who wouldn’t be? If you’d rather fly interstate and have your vehicle or motorbike transported to your new home, we can take care of that too. So, set the moving wheels in motion – call us on 1300 299 969 and take the first step in starting your new and exciting life interstate.


Troy Said

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