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Moving with pets: removals interstate companies’ tips

Moving can be as stressful on humans as it is for pets. Imagine having your whole world turned upside down with no understanding of what’s happening, causing pets to become distressed and even go walk about. When it comes to removals, interstate companies should prepare clients with tips like these for making relocation easier on four-legged friends:

Dogs thrive on routine, so in the lead up to the move, keep feeding times and walks as normal as possible. If you have a particularly anxious pup, talk to your vet about a mild sedative for long-distance travel. If driving,allow for regular toilet and water breaks, and before settling into your new home, check fences are adequately dog-proofed. Bringing your dog’s unwashed toys, blankets and bedding will also make them feel instantly at home. And remember that after you, routine is a dog’s best friend!

As with dogs, try to keep cats’ schedules as regular as possible before moving. Settling into your new place is bound to be the most challenging step, as cats tend to run away when faced with unfamiliar territory. For this reason, it’s essential to keep cats in a quiet ‘home-room’ until settled. Ensure this room has food, water, a litter-box, bedding and familiar toys. As cats become more relaxed, gradually allow them to explore the rest of the house, but try not to let them outside for at least a week post-move.

Things to remember:

  • Talk to your vet before moving and make sure you have up-to-date copies of veterinary records and vaccination certificates.
  • Make sure your pet has new identification tags if moving interstate. If your pet is micro chipped, have their records changed to your new address.
  • Pack all of your animal’s favourite and familiar things including bedding, toys and treats.
  • If your pet is not adjusting well to its new surroundings and starts driving you barking mad, take a trip to the vet and make sure everything else is ok.

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