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Small Interstate Moves

Small Interstate Moves


Learn the Different Packing and Storage Tricks

Getting everything organized according to your moving plan is one of your major issues facing any single person moving interstate. Its advisable when you want to organize a small moves interstate to write down an inventory list that can be used to quote your move and used as a check list on pickup and delivery. Whether you had already availed a certified team of movers in your area or you have plans of doing all the packing on your own, it would be a plus factor if you have some relevant ideas on how to do the proper packing as well as the wrapping of the most delicate items, so that you are properly guided as you go on with your small moves interstate.

Learn these valuable tricks and apply them for your packing and storage activities:

  • Packaging materials – Sturdy

Regardless what type of move yours is, there are different packaging materials needed for your particular furniture, art piece or any delicate dinnerware. Most professional movers make use of moving blankets, boxes, paper packing tools, bubble wrap and plastic covers to all their packing and moving agenda. Make sure that your moving team uses the appropriate packaging materials for your precious items.

  • Hire the best professional movers – Dont risk it

Assuming that your move is intended only for small moves interstate, it is highly recommended that you hire only the best movers. Don’t just go for any cheap offers that you might regret later on. Remember, whether your move is just a blocks away from your old place or an interstate move, having somebody who is expert in the handling and packing of your furniture and other precious belongings can relieve any tension building into your system, thus, giving you more chance to do other productive tasks.

  • Sturdy moving boxes

Did you know that moving boxes do come in different types as well? There are boxes specifically made and customized for books, linen, china ware and even for your tv. There are also boxes that come in single wall or double wall. Double wall boxes are stronger in built and can hold more weight. Aside from these sturdy boxes, there are boxes intended for pictures, lamps and a lot more for your personalized belongings.

  • Moving blankets – will protect your furniture

For any moving activity, a reliable and expert mover is always accompanied with all types of moving blankets even if it is just intended for your small moves interstate. But, if you are planning for long distance relocation and needed proper storage, then it would be a wise decision to buy your own moving blankets. For your information there are 2 kinds of moving blankets: the Quilted or padded and the Non-Quilted known as Skins or Space Savers. Quilted moving blankets offer maximum protection while lighter moving blankets on the other hand are perfect for long term storage or for any small move interstate, since they are light in weight, cheaper and don’t take much space. These blankets provide adequate protection as well. When choosing which type of moving blanket to use, consider the type of furniture you are going to cover, either it is heavy, solid, made of leather and the space.

  • Plastic covers and bubble wrap

These packaging materials are widely used for mattress, sofa and chairs. Plastic covers may include Shrink wrap or Stretch wrap. Moving companies make use of these packing materials to provide added protection to items with small parts to prevent them from getting lost or misplaced during the move. Bubble wraps are ideal for any electronic gadgets and other delicate items made of glass.

In every moving activity, whether it is just for small moves interstate, consider the different factors that would affect the entire success of your move. One is the choice of professional movers and the correct usage of packing materials. Be totally informed and you are a step closer to your new home.


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If you want to make your move perfect or without any damage then you have to give a proper concentration on packing and storage. In this blog detail information is provided about the packing and storage. There are so many interstate removalists who give full information regarding to their packing and storage services you can search them on internet.

Useful content.Thanks for sharing this, we must ensure that finding removalist providers we need to think about like payment method especially how they take care of the furniture.


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Thanks for your positive comments.

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