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By / Troy Said

Small Move

Small Move?

Small Move

Moving Only a Few Items?

Maybe you are a bit apprehensive whether you should still consider contacting a movers company for your small move. No matter how short distance is your move, there are numerous interstate movers who are ready to offer their professional services, even to the lowest budgeted small interstate move when moving a few small items.

The first question you would need to ask is if the items being moved are worth more than the move will cost? A few small items from Melbourne to Sydney can work out however one item from Perth to Tasmmania may be more than what you were expecting. Keeping this in mind, small movers for your intended small interstate move is highly essential if you want a smoother move. Here is a quick summary of the benefits that you too could avail from your chosen movers company no matter if you only have a small interstate move:

  • Reliable  movers provide excellent removal services just like any big removalists firms with appropriate tools, moving equipment and vans for your convenience.
  • Provide only top caliber members of their moving team with good working experience of doing this kind of service by showcasing absolute expertise in proper handling of all items even to the most delicate one without causing any damage or injury with their co-workers.
  • Preserve your total health condition, since you will entrust all the moving of heavy furniture to their expert movers. If you will do the actual moving by yourself, there is a possibility that harm or damage could occur to you or your loved ones if the handling isn’t done in a professional manner that only the moving team promises to deliver.

Lastly, remember even though how much we desire to save more and do the entire moving of the furniture sets or the packing of our precious belongings, we still lack the technical knowledge on how to carry out each item the right way. These professional movers have been in this kind of industry for a long time, so they know precisely how to do each moving task without any difficulty.

So, for any small interstate move, it would be best to include in your moving plan a great deal of consideration of availing the services of these expert movers. You can easily find the most credible Cheap Move one through referrals, internet surveys or get listings from the Better Business Bureau reviews of their highly recommended movers for your small interstate move.


Troy Said


    Troy Said

    7 months ago

    Hi Zaf,
    Based on your inventory from Adelaide to Canberra you’d be looking at $695 Inc. GST ground floor to ground floor.
    If you have any questions in regards to this or would like to proceed further please contact us on service@interstateremovals.com.au
    Kind regards,
    Interstate Removals Team

    Julie Meredith

    5 months ago

    Hi there,
    I will be relocating from Albury NSW to Robina Gold Coast Mid Novemeber 2018, I will drive up with small amount in car with my Golden Retreiver Dog.
    All my essentials would fit in a 6X4 trailer, but I would prefer not to tow the trailer, I would just like an idea of cost involved of you moving the small load. Boxes of clothes, manchester, kitchen appliances, No furniture or Heavy items.
    I can be flexible with the dates, maybe you already have a load going up north.

    Hoping to hear from you soon

    Troy Said

    5 months ago

    Hi Julie, Thank you for your enquiry today. We can certainly assist you with a quote for your move. A 6×4 trailer roughly holds about 10 cubic metres so a price on that would be $1250.00 Inc. GST door to door. We will place you into the system and send you a quote with a reference number shortly. Any questions or queries please don’t hesitate to contact us.

    Kind regards,

    Hannah Jardine
    Senior Moving Consultant
    Tel: 1300 299 969

    Dean Mitchell

    1 month ago

    Hi I need to move a queen size mattress from Melbourne to Sydney is this possible ?

    Troy Said

    2 weeks ago

    Hello Dean,
    Moving a queen mattress from Melbourne VIC to Sydney NSW would be between $395-$495 inc GST. Please contact us if this would be suitable for you.

    Troy Said
    Interstate Removals Manager

    Tel: 1300 299 969

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