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By / Troy Said

Students’ Checklist for Moving Out

You’ve been accepted into university and it’s finally time to fly the coop. You’ve managed to find three other uni students to move into a share house and your Mum has arranged the removalists Melbourne interstate to transport your few worldly possessions.

It’s your first time out of home and you think you’ve got it in the bag, but have you thought about all those homely comforts you’ve taken for granted for so long at your parents’? You’ll miss them when they’re gone, so be sure to pack these essentials for a seamless transition into your first share house:

Corkscrew & bottle opener
You’ll want these in O-week. Unless of course you’ve got your priorities straight and studying is your primary reason for attending university, which you expect to be doing all weekend.

If you don’t drink coffee, you’re about to. Is there any other way to endure a three hour 8am economics lecture on a Monday morning? Even if you prefer Red Bull, chances are you’ll be snacking on Mi Goreng noodles between classes, which are best served softened by boiling water.

Cheese grater
There is no substitute for a cheese grater. It’s not like a sharp knife, where you have the option to endure eating your steak with a blunt knife – there really is no other way to grate cheese than with a grater.

Can opener
You are about to start a long and loving relationship with tinned food. There is no feeling more helpless then returning home from a long day at uni to a meal of baked beans, only to discover you physically can’t open the can of beans.

Your parents have been waiting a long time for this and chances are they’ve been holding onto backup appliances, eagerly waiting for the day the removalists interstate arrive, so before you rush out and buy everything, check with your parents.

When you’ve got the essentials packed for the removalists Melbourne interstate, call your housemates and discuss backloading your furniture to split costs. To find out how, call 1300 299 969 and chat to one of our removalists interstate about helping you move out of home and into the real world!


Troy Said

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