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Sunshine Coast to Melbourne backloading

Guide to moving your home office Part 1.

Do you work from home? Lucky you! Unlike most people in the workforce, you get to avoid the long commute to work, public transport, and pesky office co-workers; however, there is one big downside to having a home office! What is it? Moving! If you have to relocate, you need to organise it all yourself! Don’t panic, while there is quite a lot to organise, it is definitely manageable if you prepare early. Are you looking for Sunshine Coast to Melbourne backloading? No worries! Interstate Removals specialise in all sorts of moves! From 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 bedroom moves, to moving your home office! From moving apartments, or just moving a few boxes, we’ve got it covered. With over ten years in the removals industry, we have the experience, the equipment, and the skills to get you moved safely, quickly, and cheaply! Here is Part 1 of our guide to moving your home office:


Start with a plan

Before you frantically start packing or renting removals trucks, you are going to need to come up with a moving plan. By coming up with a solid plan early, you will make your relocation process easier in the long-run. Before you start packing up your office things, create a moving checklist and inventory of all items that need to be relocated. Helpful moving apps are now available for both iPhone and for Android. Once you have a list of items that need moving, you can start planning the move itself. Even if your move is small, we recommend hiring professional removalists. After all, your home business items are your livelihood and need to be transported in the safest way possible.


Get your priorities right

By this stage, you should now have a moving checklist either on paper, your computer, or on a moving App on one of your devices. Now that you have this ready, it’s time to begin sorting and organising your items. Remember, the less you move the easier and cheaper your relocation will be. Try to de-clutter you office as much as possible. Often filing cabinets become cluttered with files that are no-longer relevant, or that you have already digitised. Even if you are keeping your original files, it is always a good idea to digitise them as well, just incase damage occurs during the move. Moving is a great opportunity to clean out your filing cabinets and create more storage room.


Moving you home office interstate? Need to find Sunshine Coast to Melbourne backloading? We’ve got you covered! Click here for a fast and accurate quote for your big or small move. Have other enquiries? Call our North Sunshine office on 1300 299 969 to chat to one of our friendly staff about relocating your home office.



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