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Sunshine Coast to Melbourne Removalists?

Guide to moving your home office Part 2.

Welcome to Interstate Removals Guide to moving your home office Part 2. Are you looking for Sunshine Coast to Melbourne removalists? You’ve come to the right place! With over ten years in the removals industry, Interstate Removals have built a reputation as the best in business! We specialise in every type of move. From small moves, to large moves, to backloading, we can do it all! So, wherever you are moving, whether its from the Sunshine Coast to Melbourne, from the Gold Coast to Adelaide, from Brisbane to Hobart, or anywhere in between, we can get your belongings there safely. Here is Part 2. of our guide to moving your home office:


Take care of your items

By this stage you should have created a moving plan, organised your items, and de-cluttered your office. Always keep in mind, the less you move, the cheaper the move will be! If you have a lot of books in your office, it is time to do some serious culling! Books are heavy and can be difficult to move, go through your books and put aside any copies that you know you won’t use again. These can be donated to your local library or Op-shop. When it comes to getting rid of documents that you have decided are no longer important, it’s best to destroy them. If they are confidential, use a paper shredder to ensure nobody can access your personal information and business files. Recycle as much as possible!


Back up everything!

This is possibly the most important step of your home office moving process! Backup all important work files and documents. Computers are temperamental and paper is easily damaged. Digitise everything and make multiple copies by putting them on different hard-drives or USBs. If you don’t have time to digitise your files, we recommend keeping those documents on you at all times.


Packing time

Once you’ve taken the time to back up all of your important documents, you can get started on packing! Ensure you have the necessary packing materials for all of your office items, including boxes, tape, scissors, and a marker pen. Try to pack computers, scanners, and any other electrical equipment in their original packaging and ensure fragile items are wrapped carefully. Label each box clearly! Finally, it’s time for your office furniture! Decide what you will bring and what you will leave behind. In some cases, it may be cheaper to sell or give away your current furniture and buy new items at your destination!


Ready to move your home office? Need to find Sunshine Coast to Melbourne removalists? We’ve got your back! Click here for a fast and accurate quote for your big or small move. Have other enquiries? Call 1300 299 969 to chat to one of our lovely staff about your home office move!


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