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Tips for moving commonly damaged items safely: Part 1

Do you need help sourcing furniture removalists interstate? Interstate Removals have the ideal solution! With over ten years in the removals business, our team of experienced and professional staff know everything there is to know about moving the most fragile of items. We take great care of our customer’s belongings because if it’s important to you, it’s important to us. Want to learn which mistakes to avoid when moving fragile items? Here are our top tips for moving commonly damaged items safely:

Glasses are likely to be the most fragile item in any move, which is why you will need to take great care when packing all glassware. To begin, get some good quality, appropriately sized boxes. Next, wrap each item separately in packing materials before placing in the box. Ensure there is adequate padding and layering between each item, as well as between the items and the box. Once you have packed and sealed the box, clearly mark the boxes as ‘fragile glassware’ and ‘this way up’. This will allow your removalists to pack glassware safely within the moving vehicle.

Pieces of art are often very fragile, expensive, and irreplaceable. Unfortunately, they also happen to be quite awkward to move. This is why we highly recommend having any valuable pieces insured before your move. To pack artworks for moving, they should be placed in specially made customised containers like travelling frames. Ensure pieces fit cosily in a box and that they are unable to move around inside it. Mark boxes as ‘fragile art’ and ensure your removalist knows what they are moving.

Pottery and ceramics
Pottery is extremely delicate, so, as with all of your fragile items, the more protection you can provide, the more likely it is to survive the move. This means you will need to set aside adequate time for packing and labelling carefully. Pottery needs to be wrapped in lots of padding, bubble wrap and packing tape are your safest bet. You can also add an extra layer of old clothing to be extra safe. Whatever you do, DO NOT pack your pottery too tightly, as this can lead to breakage. Also, take care when unpacking items on the other end!

Ready to make the big move, but need to find furniture removalists interstate who are experienced in moving fragile items? Don’t put it off any longer! Interstate Removals are ready for your call. Call 1300 299 969 today and talk to our friendly staff about how we can help you. Or, click here for a fast and accurate quote for your big, or small move! Don’t forget to ask about the range of insurance options we have on offer!

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