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By / Troy Said

Tips for moving commonly damaged items safely: part 2

After ten years in the removals business, Interstate Removals are experts at moving our customer’s belongings from A to B safely and efficiently. Worried about moving your fragile items? Don’t fret, we take great pride in being the best in the business. Our team of excellent staff are trained and experienced at moving the most fragile of items, which is why you can trust us with your precious belongings. Need to sort out cheap furniture removals? Interstate Removals have got your back! Here are our top tips for moving commonly damaged items safely:

Furniture is one of the most commonly damaged items during moves. The reason for this is usually the result of not having enough assistance and experience with moving awkwardly shaped, heavy, and bulky furniture. The solution to these problems? Hire a team of removalists! Removalists are experts at packing, carrying, and maneuvering furniture through awkward spaces and around corners. Leave the heavy lifting to them!

Sports equipment
Sporting equipment is often overlooked as something that may be easily damaged during a move. While it may look sturdy, it can be just as fragile as glassware, not to mention the fact that it is often quite valuable and difficult to replace. To avoid damage to your sports equipment, ensure equipment is packed and protected well. To begin, pack the equipment in its original packaging. If you still have the manuals for larger equipment, check if there are recommended precautions that need to be taken when moving the equipment. Also, take extra care when packing delicate sports gear including bikes, tennis racquets, and golf clubs.

If you’re a green thumb, it’s highly likely you will want to bring your favourite plants with you when you move. The good news is, you can! It will just take some special care as plants can be difficult to move safely as they are extremely vulnerable. A few days before your move, stop watering your plants, this will make them easier to move and cause less of a mess. Use ties and bags to protect branches and to separate each plant. If you are packing your plants in boxes, ensure there are holes for breathing. Don’t forget, always pack your plants last and unpack them first!

Ready to get going, but need a helping hand organising cheap furniture removals? Interstate Removals are ready to help get you moved quickly and easily for the lowest price around! Call 1300 299 969 today to talk to our helpful staff about all of your removals needs. Or, click here for a fast and accurate quote for your move. Quick! The clock is ticking!

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