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Here’s how moving house with pets can be as easy as a walk in the park

When you’re faced with moving house, if you’re like most Australians you’re more likely to live with a dog and/or cat than with a child.

Naturally, moving your loved one without any drama would be any self-respecting pet parent’s top priority.

The good news is at Interstate Removals we believe moving with pets should be a positive experience for everyone.

Here are three tips for moving your pet companions hassle free.

Prior preparation prevents stressed pets

Pet travel

Unexpected activity, leading up to during and directly after a move, is challenging for both humans and pets.

Pets are likely to sense your anxiousness and go out in sympathy.

If you can’t leave your dog, cat or lizard alone while packing, keep Fido at your friends or kennel.

Are you going to drive or fly your pet to your new destination?

You will find you’ll need a month if longer to arrange the safe transportation of your companion animal.

Drive your pet to your new home yourself. It can be reassuring for both of you. You will be rewarded for having slowly introduced your pet to car travel. Having taken your pet to different destinations in the past, other than the vet, for instance, will make him/her more positive about going for a ride.

Sensory overload doesn’t sit well with some animals.

Throwing a blanket over their carrier in the car can lessen journey anxiety, and the inevitable scenery and smell change.

If they are travelling at 40,000 feet, it’s a good idea to make sure their container is the right size.

Send along a chew toy in the container to lessen pressure build up in their ears.

Give them plenty of water and exercise before, but don’t feed them for a least six hours before the flight.

What to ask your vet before you move your pet

moving pets
Do you know any good vets in the new neighbourhood?

Ask your vet for a referral.

What health documents and records does your pet need to take with them?

A vet must inspect your pet and issue a health certificate before being accepted for carriage by most airlines (check Qantas’ guidelines as an example.

Is your furbaby less ‘baby’ and more geriatric these days?

Your pet may need a blood test or a health check.

Are they anxious travellers?

Your vet can prescribe medication or a Thunder shirt to lessen their anxiety.

Interstate Removals can put your worries at ease if you choose to travel with pets. Get in touch with us today.

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