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Updating Details When Moving Home: Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of Interstate Removals’ checklist for updating your details before organising furniture transport. With so much on your plate already, we’ve broken the task down into two manageable sections. Check out Part 1 to make sure you haven’t missed any other important providers. Get your pens and mobiles ready….Let the phone calls begin!

Unless your credit card expires, you will still be supporting your sponsor child through the way of donation, but you’re not going to receive your quarterly updates with pictures and personal messages unless you notify the charity of your change of address.

Looking for an excuse to cancel your gym membership? Not so fast. These days, most of the major fitness centres have gyms in just about every capital city and town. Contact the centre and let them know you’re moving and they will help you with the process of becoming a member at your new location.

Toll tags
Most toll tags can be used nationally, however, it’s still a good idea to update your contact details to ensure you receive letters regarding credit card renewal and other notifications that may prevent you from accumulating surprise fees.

Loyalty programs
Failure to update your contact details with FlyBuys, Woolworths Rewards and other loyalty programs means missing out on the family-sized Cadbury 2-for-1 chocolate deals in your letterbox at the end of a bad week – it’s just not worth it! Jump online and make sure you continue to receive the awesome coupon deals after your move.

Electoral Commission
Updating your new address on the electoral roll is essential; failure to do so may result in your name being taken off the roll making you unable to vote. This can be easily done online at the Australian Electoral Commission in a matter of minutes and will ensure you get a say in the next election.

Updated all your details? Bring on the furniture removals interstate! We can’t help with the arduous task of updating contact details, but we can help with the cheapest furniture transport in Australia. Call 1300 299 969 today and get your furniture removals interstate in motion!


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