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Why DIY is a bad idea

Moving is stressful at the best of times, but there are ways to make it less so. Moving may seem pretty straight forward, but there really are so many things that can go wrong. Many people aren’t aware of how complex moving can be, which is why DIY moving has become increasingly popular in the last few years. While doing it yourself is admirably ambitious and may seem like the cheapest way to move, in reality it is often wrought with problems and is in fact not the most cost effective way to get your things moved. DIY moving takes lots of time, energy, and money and is likely to involve obstacles that you do not have the skills, strength, or equipment to deal with. This is why hiring professionals is a much safer bet. Not only will hiring removals experts save you energy and time, believe it or not, it will also most likely save you money!Looking for movers interstate? Interstate Removals have got you back! Here are a few reasons we have found that DIY moving is a bad idea:

It is a waste of time and is inconvenient

Hiring professional removalists will save you a huge amount of time and allow you to avoid the inconvenience that accompanies much of the moving process. On moving day, the removalists will take care of the difficult labour-heavy tasks such as lifting and carrying your heavy belongings, as well as carefully and safely packing any fragile items. This will allow you time to focus on any other important moving issues.

You will most likely not have appropriate moving equipment
Moving requires a lot of equipment, from packing supplies, to a moving vehicle, to specialty moving tools and equipment. Unless you are a removalist yourself, chances are you won’t have these things laying around at home. While boxes and packaging supplies are easy enough to come by, a suitable moving vehicle is not.

If you are doing it yourself, you are either going to have to hire a moving truck, or borrow a friend of family’s vehicle. Hiring or borrowing the wrong sized vehicle could lead to the loss of your precious time due to having to fit your belongings into a tight space Why not leave it to the removalists? They are experts at providing you with an appropriate vehicle as well as at moving and arranging awkwardly shaped items space efficiently into any space provided! They will also be equipped with specialty moving tools such as moving pads and hoists! These not only save time, but are essential in preventing injury.

DIY can be very unsafe as well as inefficient!
Professional removalists are trained and experienced in moving heavy and awkward items safely and efficiently. Not only is hiring removalists a safer option for your belongings, it is also safer for you! Moving heavy furniture can lead to a range of injuries. Injury is the last thing you want during moving day!

As well risking you safety, moving yourself is likely to be much more inefficient than having professionals do it. A team of experienced removalists will work as quickly as possible to transport and pack your items. They will also ensure space is used wisely. By working quickly and efficiently, removalists will save you both time and money!

Don’t DIY! It’s not worth the stress! Instead, leave it to those who do it best! Ready to get going and move interstate, but need a helping hand organising movers interstate? Interstate Removals are ready to help get you moved quickly and easily for a low, low price! Call 1300 299 969 today to talk to our friendly staff about all of your removals needs. Or, click here for a fast and accurate quote for your move. Time to get going. Ready, steady, move!

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