If Brisbane doesn’t move you, we will.

Sydneysiders and Melbournians have long considered Brisbane a big country town, but as another Brisbane Festival draws to a close, the Queensland capital has once again proven its rightful place in Australia’s world-class arts and entertainment scene. With Australia Zoo down the road, South Bank’s river beach primed for summer and a year-round program of events at Brisbane Powerhouse, there’s plenty to see and do in good ol’ Brisvegas.

Despite these attractions however, there’s no historical tram network, no Luna Park, and no Opera Bar from which to take in a Sydney Harbour sunset over a bottle of bubbles. If you’re looking to upsize your city and exchange balmy Brisbane nights for harbour arvos with your mate Houghton, you may want to consider moving interstate.

Where to start? Call us for a free quote. Don’t forget to mention you need packing boxes and we’ll drop some off. Now before you go filling cardboard boxes with bread makers, foot spas and infomercial purchases, think about which of your friends would get most value out of these unused items. Recycling unwanted possessions will save you time and money, as well as help you make use of our backloading service.   

Backloading is a service removalists offer by allowing a second client to utilise unused space in their vehicle for a discounted price. Sharing a load means sharing the cost of interstate removals as well as reducing carbon emissions produced by additional vehicles on the roads. With Queensland experiencing its hottest 12 months on record, you can be guaranteed someone else is looking to escape the heat and share the costs of moving interstate.

So we’ve given you a quote, delivered your packing boxes, found you a professional removalist offering exceptional backloading rates, and you’ve re-gifted your unwanted household items. There are a few more things to consider:

·         Medical records – arrange to have them transferred or request copies of records to take with you – you never know when you’ll need them in a hurry!

·         Notify previous jobs/payroll of your new address – when tax time comes around and your group certificates turn up out of the blue you’ll be glad you did.

·         Mail redirection – unless you’re totally organised and remember to update addresses for every subscription and plastic card in your wallet, it’s best to arrange a redirection – you don’t want to miss out on the FHM Christmas edition, do you?

·         Services – arrange disconnection and re/connection of all your services: phone, Internet, cable TV, gas and electricity. If you’re moving out of a rental property, check how long your agent requires services to remain connected after vacating the premises.

You’ve no doubt loaded your car with furniture, packing boxes and moving cartons as well. While we do our best to ensure everything in our removalist trucks arrives safely, unfortunately we can’t keep tabs on you too…So please drive safely and ensure you’ve got full visibility. We’ll see you with the rest of your furniture interstate!


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