A hoarder’s guide to moving long distance

You call yourself a collector, but your family and friends know all too well that the treasures spilling from every corner of your house are the result of hoarding: the term used to describe behaviour that leads people to gather food or other items during times of scarcity. 

Who are you kidding, times of scarcity? With your new promotion requiring you to move long distance from Melbourne to Brisbane, you’re hardly going to find yourself in times of scarcity, are you? Moving house is the perfect time to rid yourself of these hoarded possessions and make long distance relocation a smoother and cheaper process. 

Moving to the next suburb is challenging – moving long distance is another ball game all together! It’s going to take some planning. First thing’s first: you need to decide if your excessive collection of treasures should make the long distance move too. Here are some suggestions Interstate Removals have created to help you decide what makes the cut for packing boxes:

·         Kitchen: a few weeks before you move house, put all your cooking gadgets, coffee mugs, tupperware and utensils in a packing box. When you use something, put it back in the draw or cupboard. Whatever is left in the box when it’s time to move can be donated to St Vincent’s de Paul.

·         Furniture: official curbside collection might only happen once a year, but you can be guaranteed that if you put your old book shelf out on the sidewalk, the student house down the road will snap it up by nightfall.

·         Personal items: If you haven’t used it in six months, ask yourself why. Can’t bring yourself to throw out the Gucci bag with the broken zip or the lawn mower your grandfather left you? List them on eBay and make a few $.

Need more encouragement? Check out the blog post, Throw Out 100 Things. It sounds ruthless, but it’s guaranteed to lighten your load!

Now that you’ve reduced your home to a sensible load of furniture and packing boxes, it’s probably worth investigating InterstateRemovals’ backloading options. Backloading involves contracting carriers who’ve already been assigned a move and have free space to offer additional clients at a discounted price. Not only is it cheaper, but it also reduces the amount of carbon emissions produced by removalist trucks moving long distance…sharing is caring!

If you can’t part with your antique teapot sets or the collection of secondhand Suzuki motorbikes in the shed, we’ll match your moving needs with the right carrier for your load. And you can tell the wife not to worry about your bikes falling on her teapots in transit – our brother company, Motorbike Movers, will ensure your bikes (and your wife’s teapots) arrive in one piece!

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