Standard Carton Sizes

T- Chest and Book Wine Cartons

T- Chest: 43cm X 45mc X 62cm approximate cost is $4-$6

Book Wine: 41cm X 31m X 45cm approximate cost is $3 – $4

Probably the most important piece of equipment in packing for an Interstate Removal is the type of cartons you decide to use. This is where you will put all your belongings. It is not only for storage but it is also a way to protect your things once the move begins. Many removal companies supply their clients with their own boxes. These are standard carton sizes designed to fit as many of your belongings as possible.

Be careful not to overload your cartons. A maximum of around 25kg per box is common, if you cant lift or move it then don’t expect someone else to. Another point is that if the cartons are too heavy and are stacked onto of each other then they may collapse.

Plastic Tubs or can be used however are not as flexible and durable as cardboard. If the plastic is dated it can be brittle and crack very easily under weight. Interstate Removals recommends using correct car board removal cartons

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Jo Ashurst

6 years ago

Could we have an approx price to send 10 boxes 43x45x62 from post code 4551 caloundra queensland to perth western australia .. many thanks

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