Small Furniture Move InterstateThinking about downsizing? Way to go! Minimalism is becoming more and more popular as people move from the outer suburbs to the city. From large houses with lots of upkeep and maintenance, to trendy apartments that practically take care of themselves. The benefits of downsizing are endless. Are you looking for Sunshine Coast to Sydney backloading? You’ve come to the right place! Welcome to the home of Interstate Removals, Australia’s best and cheapest removals service. We are here to help with all of your removals needs. With over ten years in the industry, our family owned and run business specialises in all sorts of moves. Here is the second part of our guide to moving into a smaller space:


Hire a removalist

So, you’ve figured out what you are going to move with you and you have gotten rid of the rest. Well done! You’re off to a great start. Next, we highly recommend hiring an experienced and reliable removals company like Interstate Removals. Even if you are only moving a small number of items, we will move them as quickly, safely, and, cheaply as possible! Once you’ve called us, it’s time to get your items in order.


Disassemble furniture

Begin by disassembling furniture. Even if you have measured your furniture and have ensured it will fit well in your new home, it will still be difficult to fit any larger items through doors, corridors, up steep staircases, and other tight spaces. Taking furniture apart not only makes it easier to transport, it will also reduce the risk of damage during relocation. Keep in mind that with smaller more delicate items this will not always be the case.


Make the most of your new space

Moving into a smaller place can feel like a big change, but there are many ways you can make the most of less space. To begin with, create a more visual space with light and colour. Allowing natural light in and adding plenty of artificial lighting will create a sense of space and vibrancy within your home. Mirrors, glass doors, and room dividers are also excellent at creating the illusion of open space.


Utilise your vertical space

If you are struggling to fit your items in your new space, you may want to consider installing floor-to-ceiling shelving or cabinets. Find storage space wherever possible as long as it is out of the way, whether it is under the stairs or in walk in wardrobes. Remember that every nook of space in your home can be used as a storage or functional area of some kind.


The Interstate Removals home-base is conveniently located in North Sunshine; however, our team of removalists is spread all across Australia! From Perth, Fremantle, Bunbury, Adelaide, Hobart, the Sunshine Coast, Alice Springs, Manly, the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Canberra, Darwin, Port Macquarie, Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne, and everywhere in between. Is your location not listed? Don’t worry, just check on it with our friendly staff! Time to downsize! Need to source Sunshine Coast to Sydney backloading? Too easy! Click here for a speedy and accurate quote for your next move. For any other enquiries, call 1300 299 969 to chat to one of our lovely staff.

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