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3 Tips For Packing Fragile Items

Are you moving to a new home interstate?

Sorting out and packing things will take most of your time, so it is necessary to plan ahead of time before actually moving out.

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Here are three valuable tips for packing fragile items and make sure they arrive safely in one piece.

Plan ahead

Set a time when you can pack delicate items carefully. The best time to plan your packing up activity is at least one month before your move out. Prepare the following materials to ensure your precious items remain intact during transit.

– Permanent marker
– Scotch tape
– Masking tape/painter’s tape
– Old newspapers/bubble wrap
– Moving out boxes

Sort out delicate items

The key to preserving delicate items is spending enough time to pack and label each one of them properly.

Go thoroughly around your home and decide which things to put together in one box. Set aside all the fragile items – crystals, mirrors, plates, vases, china, glasses, and so on.

Once you have sorted the items out, start with one room. Pack all fragile items in that room into one box. Secure each item by wrapping each one with newspaper or bubble wrap. Use scotch tape to put the paper or bubble blanket in place.

Using the permanent marker, write the label of the items inside the box. Write big readable names on the sides of the box and the top lid for easy recognition. Also, write “FRAGILE” on each side of the box for the movers to handle it with care.

You may not be able to complete this task in one day so you can set one or two more days. Kitchen itmes are usually the last to pack up because you will still be using some of them for the days leading up to the move out schedule.

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