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By / Troy Said

Five ways to make your pet feel at home after a move

Moving your pet doesn’t have to be daunting. You can move your four-legged friend safely and confidently.

Here are five ways to help your pet do better after a big move.

The scent of a pet parent

Animals naturally rely on smell to confirm how they are feeling about a new environment. Scents can calm a scared or anxious animal companion.

Spray your perfume or aftershave on your pet’s favourite blanket or toy a few weeks before you move and then spray around the rooms of your new digs before your pet turns up.

Create your cat a third space

Create a haven, a quiet room empty except for your pet, their food, water, and bedding.

Keeping your cat relaxed while you unpack, let’s you do so without worry or distraction.

How to avoid medicating your pet

Recreating their usual surroundings at your new place, using familiar toys and bedding lessens the strangeness they may be experiencing.

Alleviating their anxiety naturally reduces the need to medicate them. That’s a cost you can do without.

Love them unconditionally

Check on your pets regularly to help them feel secure.

Make time for exercise and bonding and feed and walk them at their usual time if possible particularly during the settling in period.

Patient pets prefer routine

Also, remember that it isn’t unusual to see a change in your pet, after experiencing moving house mania. Upheaval can cause anxiety and bad behaviour in the way your furry family member;

– eats
– goes to the bathroom
– barks
– paces
– and protects themselves.

In time your pet will adjust to its new surroundings.

Link to a local vet if, past the settling-in phase, your pet’s problems persist.

All in all, remaining confident, calm and consistent will ensure your pet adjusts to your new home in no time!

Call Interstate Removals and we’ll help your pet a first-class moving experience.

Troy Said

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