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Travelling with your pet? Read this before the big move

Moving interstate – and bringing your pet with you – doesn’t have to be difficult.

Dr Nathan Koch, a vet with more than 30 years’ experience, says moving with pets can be made much easier following a few simple steps.

Invest in some temporary pet housing to start with.

“Transporting your pet in a crate is the smartest way to avoid pets becoming stressed. Cats especially as they are territorial,” he says.

“Essential for air-travel, a crate gives your pet a safe space and something familiar in the new environment. People should talk to their vet or reputable dog trainer for tips on correct sizing and crate training.”

You might be surprised to learn a vet check-up, and a clean bill of health is essential before airlines accept your pet for travel.

“The vet will assess your pet’s health, making sure vaccinations, worming and flea and tick treatments are up to date, as certain destinations have more prevalent parasites and a greater risk of disease,” he says.

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What if your pet is an anxious traveller?

Dr Koch believes taking into account your pet’s personality will determine your plan of action.

Dr Nathan Koch
Dr Nathan Koch. Credit: https://bondivet.com/vet-search/nathan-koch

“Anti-anxiety medication can benefit nervous animal companions if administered properly,” he says.

Dr Koch recommends starting your pet on a medicinal course six weeks from your date of travel to ensure “they are alert, not anxious.”

Alternatively, using calming pheromones for cats and dogs in a synthetic form available in collars, wet wipes, and diffusers is also an effective way to settle upset pets.

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