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Top 5 Tips To Save Yourself From Clutter

It’s amazing just how much stuff a household can accumulate over the years.

It may seem daunting but decluttering your house is a must before you start packing. Take a breath, relax and keep reading for our top 5 tips to help you reduce packing clutter that will save you time and money.

 Start categorising, write a list and arm yourself with boxes and markers.

  • Books
  • Clothing
  • Bathrooms
  • Outdoors
  • Paperwork/office
  • Kitchen
  • Electric
  • Kids toys
  • Furniture

We find it’s best if you start decluttering by category and start moving from room to room but focusing on specific items. If you’re in a room and having to decide whether you want to keep, donate or throw out different books, furniture, clothing, paperwork and electronics, all at once, it can get a bit overwhelming. Stick to one category at a time and stay focused.

Create three separate boxes for each category

Have one box for keep, one for giveaway/sell and one for throw away. When you are walking into a room take your three boxes and start sorting. If by the end of the process your keep box is larger than the others, have a long hard look at what is in there and do your best to see some of it to the other boxes

Throw Away Sentimentality 

As we live in such a materialistic world it is often hard to let go of things, but you need to take a practical stance in this process. If things are stored away out of sight, haven’t been used or thought about for months or years, maybe it isn’t that close to your heart after all. Let it go.

Bring some friends or family

It can be hard to be objective when dealing with personal items. If you’re struggling to get rid of things, bring some friends over to be some harsh judges. They’ll likely tell you you’re crazy for wanting to keep that box of random electronic cables, and they’re right. Bonus – they’ll probably see some things they like which you might be able to sell or give away to them.

Give yourself time

Moving houses is an emotional experience. Make it easier on yourself by beginning the decluttering process ASAP. The last thing you want to do is put yourself under more emotional strain days before the move date. You’re going to come across things you might not be able to make decisions on straight away, leave these till last and don’t rush important decisions you may regret.

Bonus Tip:

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