How to select a Victorian removalist

Victorian removalist

It takes a lot of preparation and foresight when moving, either around the corner, over the river or interstate to Victoria. This is when the right removalists for your move comes in to place, rest assured your family possessions, office equipment or kids toys arrive on time and in one piece. Interstate Removals have provided the following for you to consider when choosing a professional, experienced removalist.

Do you move by yourself? A reason to leave it to the experts:

If you are considering moving your household interstate without the experts, think long and hard before this decision is made final. It may seem like the best decision, financially, however once you get started, it can be daunting. How will you move your family heirlooms, antiques and large items? Are you confident in carrying the grandfather clock down four flights of stairs? You don’t want to say those dreaded words your stomach was telling you, “I should have organised the removalists!”

Do your research

A month or two prior to your move you should start shopping around, ring a few companies, ask about their Backloading services and have a general chat about your expectations for your move. Do a google search and fill in some online quotes, these will give you a good indication on how much your move is going to ‘brake the bank’ for the greater good, to get you organised financially and mentally to start packing. Once you have found a quote that you’re happy with, call Interstate Removals and we can beatany written quote with our Guaranteed Best Price.

Is Insurance included?

Bear in mind, some removal companies will tell you insurance is included. This can be deceiving as quotes will never include FULL insurance unless stated specifically. All the quotes you gather will however include Basic Transit Insurance which means if the truck catches fire, has an accident on the road or is stolen then you items are insured, although this does not include accidental loss or damage made during transit. Interstate Removals recommend you speak with your current home and contents insurance provider prior to organising full insurance for your move. We can also do the paper work for you through our recommended insurance broker, CARTS, to save you the hassle.

At Interstate Removals we are confident professionals, friendly and reliable. We have trained men and well kept trucks with fantastic signage! Trust your instincts when it comes to selecting a removalist company, if you are not 100% satisfied with the service from the very moment they answer the phone, no doubt you will not be satisfied with their moving abilities. Give Interstate Removals a call today; they will be sure to give you a memorable service all for the right reasons.

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